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I’m just another game player that started playing games when I was a kid using DOS system in the 90’s. By 2K I was involved in the online game industry building graphics for online gaming. I lived the transition from pixel-arts and sprites to 3D environment and realtime animation graphics building. Now I’m a graphic designer (print, web, multimedia) and web developer.

I enjoy and admire today’s games and love RPG old games. Most of the time I prefer play shooting and adventure games in consoles and strategy on computers with Steam (Mac OS and Windows). Old school games in PS2, Ps3, Nintendo DSi and Sony PSP/Vita handheld consoles, but the one that I use the most is my PS4. Online gaming community is super social, today’s consoles gets you connected with people from the entire world to get entertained and laugh for a while.

I don’t consider myself as a hardcore gamer sometimes I suck, and I barely have time to play xD.. this is all for fun.

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