I’m just another game player that started playing games when I was a kid using DOS system in the ’90s. By the 2000’s I was involved in the online game industry building graphics for games. I lived the transition from pixel-arts and sprites to a 3D environment and real-time animation graphics building. Now I’m a web developer and visual designer.

I enjoy and admire today’s games and love RPG old games. Most of the time I prefer to play shooting and adventure games on consoles and strategy on computers with Steampowered. Old school games in PS2, Ps3, Nintendo DSi, and Sony PSP/Vita handheld consoles, I used to play a lot on PS4, but the one that I use the most is my Xbox and Switch. The online gaming community is super social, today’s consoles including PC gets you connected with people from the entire world to get entertained and laugh for a while.

I don’t consider myself as a hardcore gamer, most of the time I suck at games, because barely have time to play now xD.. so this is all for fun.

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